Monica Kosmak

It’s in her genes. When Monica’s grandmother visited Canada from Czechoslovakia in the 1970’s, she ate at a fast food restaurant for the first time. There, her grandmother was stunned to see disposable dishes thrown in the trash. “All these perfectly good containers,” she thought. Her grandmother kept a foam container from her burger, tucked it in her purse, and reused it for her own sandwiches for 25 years.

So it’s no surprise that, for almost two decades, Monica has dedicated her career to the pursuit of zero waste. She started at Metro Vancouver, and then, in 2010, joined the City of Vancouver to develop the Zero Waste goal area of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan. Since then, she has managed complex, high-profile projects, including the transition of Vancouver’s recycling program to Recycle BC. Currently she is managing the development and implementation of the City of Vancouver’s Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy.

Monica is actively involved in shaping extended producer responsibility (EPR) in B.C. She chairs Encorp (Pacific)’s beverage container stewardship program advisory committee, and has served on advisory committees for B.C.’s tire, electronics, and large appliance EPR programs (the latter as chair). Monica is also a founder and past co-chair of the B.C. Product Stewardship Council.

She loves working on the front lines of the circular economy where policy and practice meet.

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