Cherie Cohen

Cherie is a digital geek. Cherie is a data geek. Cherie is a natural-born storyteller. And Cherie loves building brands.

Cherie spent over 15 years on the for-profit side of the world, with large brands like CIBC, RBC, Rogers Cable, part of the launch teams at The National Post newspaper and Wish Magazine at St. Joseph Media, and two tech start‐ups, one that went BOOM! And the other bust.

More recently, Cherie spent a decade on the not-for-profit side of the world, engaging and mobilizing the public in creating social movements, activating social change and as a powerful fundraiser, with Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, World Wildlife Fund – Canada, Indspire, (a National Indigenous Education Fund), and then more recently to CanadaHelps.

Cherie is a change agent and an unapologetic disruptor. As an early adopter of all things new in technology, Cherie has been playing in the digital space since 2004. The critical thinking and focused analytics of the digital space are not only rooted in the early days of her career, they continue to feature as a key part of her leadership toolkit to acquire, retain and engage audiences and donors alike. Cherie carefully weaves the many threads of digital and social media into her vision, as a digital‐first 360 professional.

Cherie is not a status‐quo leader, but rather one who is drawn to roles looking for important transformative direction to be taken, boundaries to be pushed; as such innovation has always been a guiding principle of Cherie’s. And not surprisingly, Cherie has a strong track record for affecting positive change with multiple stakeholders, both inside of organizations and externally, including the media and a variety of consumer and business corporate and Board audiences alike.

More recently, Cherie has channeled her energy as Mompreneur and Founder of MiraclEggz (, to increase awareness and support, to champion and advocate for change of important legislation in Canada, and to raise funds for a cause that remains near and dear to her heart.

Cherie’s volunteer experience has spanned the length of her professional career. Starting with what used to be the Breast Cancer Honda Run for the Cure, and has since become CIBC’s event, Cherie was a volunteer with the first event back in 1994, then as a CIBC employee, rallying a full-scale internal staffing effort, and remained involved in the event even as she relocated to Calgary. Sitting on Boards, co-chairing galas, rolling-up her sleeves with the RCA, Green Calgary, as a Career Mentor with both the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, and as a volunteer yoga instructor for Lululemon, Cherie believes in paying forward her own good fortune.

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