Chief Greg Desjarlais

Greg Desjarlais was born in High Prairie, Alberta, he has over 20 years’ experience in various capacities such as farming, recreational programming, economic development and First Nation Governance. Greg is an avid sports enthusiast who follows the cultural teachings learnt from his parents Albert and Alma Desjarlais.

Greg is in his 1st year of a two-year term elected Chief of Frog Lake First Nation. As an elected Chief, he is responsible to the needs of Frog Lake First Nation and its citizens; setting direction based on the Vision of the Nation, ensuring financial viability and accountability, enhancement and protection of community lands and assets, ensuring business is conducted responsibly and ensuring community’s values and needs are met.

He has chaired/co-chaired various Indigenous stakeholder engagement initiatives demonstrating his visioning for improving the quality of life in Indigenous communities. Greg has always been a strong advocate for environment and a clean and vibrant community. He believes as First Nation people that we should be leading the charge in protecting mother earth and programming that allows for us to demonstrate this stewardship is worth investing in.

Greg has helped Indigenous organizations in advocating for improved quality of life through further training, education and employment. He is a committed and respected leader.

Greg and his wife Benita have 2 sons and 1 daughter and 3 precious grandchildren. Greg and his wife Benita and daughter reside in Saddle Lake, Alberta.

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