Peter Demong

As the elected representative for Ward 14, Peter Demong brings a successful business background, and entrepreneurial spirit to Calgary City Council. With 18 years as a business owner, and 25 years in the field of Logistics Management under his belt, he offers the ability to manage budgets and understand the needs of small and large businesses alike. His experience speaks to his practical views on civic matters, his knack for effective management, and his commitment to fiscal responsibility. Along with his compassion and sense of fairness, Peter’s voice on Council is one of common sense and realism.

Since his first term began in 2010, Peter has become experienced with almost every aspect of municipal management. He has spent time on the Standing Policy Committee on Urban Planning, the Calgary Economic Development Board, and the Enmax Board of Directors—to name a few. He also holds the Institute of Corporate Directors Director Designation. It was his involvement as the Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services however, that first sparked his passion for effective municipal waste management. Later, his position on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association’s Executive Committee would make him a natural fit as one of Alberta’s strongest Extended Producer Responsibility supporters.

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