Roxanne Duigou

Roxanne is an engineer with a background in disaster response, alternative building technology, and small business.

A mandate to encourage the best and tackle the worst has woven a common thread through her work. There is an adage translated throughout the world that ‘a burden shared is a burden halved’ and the following relentless questions follow Roxanne everywhere: how can we do better; how can we work together? This collaborative spirit has served her well while working in Pakistan, Thailand, Haiti, and at home in Canada.

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she worked extensively with a local and international team to establish a waste-to-resource program which recycles waste polystyrene into a seismically resilient building system. Focused on local stewardship, appropriate technology, open source principles, and a multi-disciplinary approach, Roxanne contributed to the growth of grassroots initiatives to mitigate the effects of mismanaged waste, to produce income generating opportunities locally, and to build safe and culturally appropriate homes.

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