October 18 to 20, 2023

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Alberta

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  • Jenn Harper

    Cheekbone Beauty

    Jennifer Harper has been making a name for herself in the beauty industry for several years but has been gaining popularity quickly after being on the hit CBC show, Dragons Den. Cheekbone Beauty is helping Indigenous youth see themselves in a beauty brand.

    Throughout her life, Jenn struggled to accept her Indigenous roots. She was estranged from her Indigenous family for much of her child and adult life. After learning about her grandmother’s experience in residential schools, she understood how her family was affected by generational trauma. This drove her to understand and overcome her own struggle with alcoholism. She reunited with her family including her brother B. J. and began to learn about and explore her Indigenous family history and culture.

    During the development of Cheekbone Beauty, Jenn researched the current makeup landscape as well as charities that are helping close the educational funding gap that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

    Cheekbone Beauty supports organizations the support Indigenous youth by committing to donate 2% of revenue. During Cheekbone’s infancy, Jenn endured a heavy personal loss with the suicide of her brother B.J. This loss, though difficult, has remained a driving force behind the desire to see Cheekbone Beauty succeed with its mission, to empower Indigenous youth.

    Innovation is also a key factor that sets us apart in the cosmetics industry. We have our own in-house ‘Indigenous Innovation Lab’ with a full-time chemist on staff.

Session Speakers

  • Adetoyese Oyedun


    Dr. Adetoyese (Toye) Oyedun is a professional chemical engineer and experienced research project manager with over 15 years of expertise in project management, operational process development, process integration, and research engineering in environmental sustainability, including waste management and wastewater treatment.

    He earned a Master’s degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering from Imperial College London, UK. He has a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering with Energy concentration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

    He has worked on diverse projects worldwide, focusing on greenhouse gas emission reduction, clean energy, water footprint analysis, plastic waste/municipal solid waste management, and clean fuel production. Toye has also contributed to bio-economy initiatives in Canada while working as a research/program analyst for the Government of Alberta. Currently, he serves as the Senior Project Manager (Research) for the Plastics Research In Action (PRIA) collaboration at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), where he leads a project on testing recycled plastics in asphalt for Alberta’s climate conditions.

  • Alexandra Mills

    Alexandra is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

    Concentrating her studies in Supply Chain Sustainability, she is knowledgeable in leading climate commitments, targets, and measurement frameworks and leading models to tackle their goals. Prior to pursuing her MBA, Alexandra worked as a Senior Consultant for MNP LLP where she worked extensively with environmental policymakers, regulators, private sector clients, and industry associations to develop strategies and solutions to achieve climate goals.

    Through the Sustainability Scholars Program at the University of Alberta, Alexandra recently partnered with the Town of Canmore to research best practices in Construction, Demolition, and Construction waste reduction, diversion, and circularity.

    In her free time, Alexandra combines her passion for climate action and love of the outdoors volunteering with Protect Our Winters Canada, a global climate advocacy organization.

  • Alison Abbink

    City of Edmonton

    Alison Abbink is the Waste Reduction lead for the City of Edmonton, where she has been working since 2012 in a variety of capacities, including climate adaptation, red tape reduction, and water and waste utilities. During this time, she has supported a range of strategic projects, including the development of the 25-year Waste Strategy, a communal collection program for apartments and condos, and most recently, she spearheaded the implementation of the Single Use Items Reduction Bylaw.

    Passionate about sustainability, strategy, and systems, Alison’s next adventure will involve the development of the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) strategy, which aims to encourage a paradigm shift towards a truly circular economy.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in modern languages and anthropology from the University of Alberta, as well as a certificate in translation studies. Currently, she is in the process of completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Practice and a graduate certificate in the Science and Policy of Climate Change from Royal Roads University. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking and camping with her partner, young daughter, and stepson in Alberta’s magnificent mountain parks.

  • Allen Langdon

    Circular Materials

    As CEO, Allen Langdon is responsible for leading Circular Materials through the development of Ontario’s new blue box recycling system while expanding the organization’s operations into other provinces, starting with New Brunswick. His mission is to support producers with a robust not-for-profit service offering that advances the circular economy, delivers national harmonization of extended producer responsibility (EPR) services and harnesses competitive procurement to provide the best value for producers.

    Prior to joining Circular Materials, Allen served as the President and CEO of Return-It, British Columbia’s very successful used beverage container management program in Canada. In this role, Allen oversaw the modernization of Return-It’s collection network, which consists of more than 170 collection sites, including Return-It depots, Express Plus and Express & GO stations. Return-It has routinely exceeded a 75% recovery rate for used beverage containers in British Columbia, and its network has supported the collection of new materials, including waste electrical and electronic equipment.

    Allen also served as the Managing Director for Recycle BC, the first 100% EPR program for paper and packaging in North America where industry assumed full financial and managerial responsibility for the residential recycling system.

    Allen currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Washington State Recycling Development Centre.

  • Amal Alhomsi

    Town of Banff

    Amal works for the Town of Banff as an Environmental Educator. His presentation will be about the Single Use Item Bylaw that the town recently initiated. Amal moved to the Bow Valley in 2018 after completing a literature degree in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Amal then pursued a master’s degree from UBC where his thesis explored green imperialist rhetoric in nature documentaries. He is the author of the book Senescence: A Year In The Bow Valley, and an Editor for Oesa Magazine.

  • Amanda Cotton

    Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

    Amanda Cotton has worked for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as the E-waste coordinator for 14 years. She has also expanded into policy work for additional product stewardship products, including solar panels, mattresses, carpet, packaging and rechargeable batteries.

  • Amélie Côté


    Specialist and spokesperson for issues related to waste management and consumption at Équiterre, Amélie has over 10 years of experience in the field. Having worked in the associative, governmental and citizen participation sectors, she works to advance public policies related to source reduction, beverage container deposit-refund systems and access to repair. Amélie coordinated and co-authored the pan-Canadian studies « Solutions to reduce the amount of packaging used by Canadian food retailers » and « Working Towards Repairable Appliances and Electronics in Canada ».

  • Andréanne Dandeneau

    Anne Mulaire Designs

    Andréanne (Anne) Mulaire Dandeneau was born in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba—homeland of the Red River Métis Nation. Anne was raised to embrace her Anishinaabe/French Métis heritage, respect all people, and honour the planet we share. Anne is the CEO and lead fashion designer at Anne Mulaire. Her experience in sustainable fashion stretches well over 20 years and she is a leader within the Manitoba textile industry. Andréanne’s speciality lies in natural fabrics and knitwear for all women. She has intensive knowledge in pattern making, jersey knits, zero-waste design, tailoring, and couture. She has been featured in many fashion magazines across North America including Fashion Magazine, Elle Canada/US, Good Housekeeping, Supply Chain Manitoba, APTN, CBC, Air Canada Enroute, The Globe and Mail and many others. Anne has the capacity to usher in the next era of sustainability in the Canadian fashion industry. Anne sits on the board at St. Bonfice Chambers of Commerce and is part of the planning committee for the Manitoahbee Festival.

  • Brent Register

    Rocky Mountain Kinetics

    Bio coming soon.

  • Brian Bastien

    Product Care Association of Canada

    Brian Bastien is the President and CEO of Product Care Recycling – a not-for-profit organization operating 22 programs across 12 jurisdictions. The programs offer safe disposal solutions for a variety of products including paint, flammable liquids, and light bulbs. During his 15 years living in Alberta, Brian worked with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, where he developed his knowledge of the recycling and stewardship sector. Since then, Brian’s career has taken him around the world, from Vancouver where he currently lives, to Ontario, and the US. He also lived in the UK where he completed his International MBA at the University of Aberystwyth. Brian is a passionate advocate for environmental stewardship. He has dedicated his time in official capacities volunteering for numerous boards and causes.

  • Briggs Gibbins

    Last Shot Apparel

    Briggs is the youngest of four and grew up on an acreage outside of Spruce Grove, Alberta. She was surrounded by farmland, ponds, wild berries and the odd dirt bike. Her parents believed in education, arts and sports but there was one activity that caught her attention more than any other. At two years old, she took her first dance class and hasn’t looked back. Dance has taken her across the world. Some of her professional credits include: Celebrity Cruise Lines, Paramount+ “School Spirits”, “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies”, Hallmark “Dream Moms” and Disney+ “Motherland”. She has worked on many music videos and commercials and travels across the country teaching masterclasses and adjudicating at various competitions. In 2016, she competed with Team Canada at the World Hip Hop Competition in Graz, Austria. After graduation, she studied history at the University of Alberta. However, she soon realized her passion for dance was stronger than she realized and decided to transfer to a commerce degree with Athabasca University and move to Vancouver. She has balanced a professional dance career and post secondary education all while laying the foundations for what is now known as Last Shot Apparel. With her exposure to endless sporting events, Briggs soon realized promotional merchandise is sold and given away in abundance. Oftentimes these items are donated or discarded in brand-new condition. On average, there is a dump truck size of clothing being discarded into a landfill every second. It was statistics like this that urged Briggs to come up with a solution for the unnecessary textile waste ending up in landfills.

    In 2022, Last Shot Apparel was launched as an eco-friendly and human-friendly alternative to bulk promotional apparel. Briggs is working closely with textile recyclers, yarn mills and fabric manufacturers around the world to develop a close-loop apparel manufacturing process. Briggs believes wholeheartedly that Canada has the means and talent to localize clothing manufacturing and significantly reduce textile waste. Last Shot Apparel operates with two values at the forefront of their decisions: people and the planet. With the localization of the manufacturing process and a sustainable textile recycling program, together, we can significantly reduce carbon emissions and promote a safe and healthy work environment for Canadian seamstresses.

  • Catherine Tays, PhD

    CSA Group

    Dr. Catherine Tays is a Project Manager in Environment and Climate Change at CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association). She has a PhD in Microbiology and Biotechnology from the University of Alberta, during which she worked on the bacteria-mediated biotransformation of greenhouse gas into biodegradable bioplastics. In her current role, Catherine supports standards development in a number of circular economy initiatives, including plastics recycling, circular agriculture, and repairability. Catherine has also previously worked in the energy transition space through research program management, and is experienced in navigating the complexities of science communications and engagement.

  • Chris Perry

    Perry Family Farms / GrowTEC

    Bio coming soon.

  • Edward Gugenheimer

    Alberta Recycling Management Authority

    Ed Gugenheimer joined the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) in 2019 as our Chief Executive Officer, bringing over 27 years of experience in executive leadership, fiscal governance, and operational expertise.

    Since joining, Ed has been instrumental in leading ARMA’s strategic success, including bringing life to our vision of Inspiring a Future Without Waste, adopted in 2020. His innate talent for strategic execution, financial, operational, and risk management, and his passion for building healthy organizational cultures have allowed ARMA to reach new heights in the sustainability and recycling sector. This includes addressing red tape reduction and launching our 43M electronics pilot program during the pandemic, helping better position ARMA to support our communities in recycling initiatives and diverting unnecessary waste from landfills. Ed also helped deliver a new strategic plan for the organization, and a new corporate governance model, vision, and mission that are helping shape the future of ARMA.

    Most recently, under Ed’s leadership, ARMA has been selected by the Government of Alberta as the province’s extended producer responsibility (EPR) oversight body. Securing this position was a serious undertaking, but with Ed’s leadership and commitment to creating a more sustainable, innovative future, the organization is ready to help move Alberta forward. As the oversight body, Ed and his team will be responsible for working closely with stakeholders to deliver an extended producer responsibility program for Alberta, an approach where the physical and financial burden of collecting, sorting, processing, and recycling waste shifts to the producer and away from local governments and taxpayers. As ARMA moves into its 31st year of inspiring Albertans to reduce waste, Ed and his team are focused on shaping a strong, circular economy that sets Alberta up for continued success on the global stage.

    Ed is a chartered professional accountant, bringing a strong background of financial acumen to his leadership role. He has held numerous positions across diverse industries supporting organizations. He resides in Edmonton with his wife, Leanne, and son, Addison. Beyond his professional life, Ed enjoys spending time at the lake and pursuing leadership, stewardship, and community development goals through his volunteer work.

  • Erin Wildeboer

    Strathcona County

    For the past 15 years, Erin has been helping residents of Strathcona County become aware of their environmental impact. Thinking outside the cart to create behavior change is her specialty and she takes pride in coming up with creative solutions to problems in the waste world. Her latest endeavor, The HodgePodge Lodge, is a community reuse building that has as much social impact as it does environmental. There is never a dull moment at the Lodge and using it to shape how the community thinks about waste is an adventure that is only beginning.

  • Gabrielle Betts

    Alberta Recycling Management Authority

    Bio coming soon.

  • Glyn Lewis

    Renewal Home Development

    Glyn Lewis is the founder and CEO of Renewal Home Development. Glyn’s company seeks to save, relocate and repurpose high-value homes slated for demolition for new owners in coastal communities here in the Pacific Northwest. Glyn is a graduate of the Sustainable Community Development program at Simon Fraser University and an alum of Barack Obama’s 2007-08 US Presidential campaign. His personal mission is to leverage enterprise to create social change.

  • Jaime White

    Loop Resource

    Jaime White is the New Projects Director at Loop Resource, a food reclamation program that helps to close the loop on organic waste disposal in the food supply industry, taking food from the end of the line at the store, back to the beginning as feed and compost at local farms. At Loop, we believe that making the right environmental, social, and sustainable choices should not be complicated, full of liability, or unreasonably expensive for any organization. Loop aims to offer solutions that cost less than traditional landfill disposal methods, that have net positive effects on the environment, while encouraging and supporting farms and charities in local communities.

    As one of the first farms participating in Loop when it began in 2017, and with his background in business, Jaime has been active as the New Projects Director almost since the beginning. His continued involvement has helped Loop expand coast to coast in Canada. Loop remains rooted in local farms connecting with each other and with local grocery stores and has gradually grown to involve 300+ stores, 3000+ farmers, and 200+ charities.

    Jaime and his wife and kids split their time between the family farm near Dawson Creek BC, and enjoying the more temperate coastal air around Vancouver Island BC.

  • Jinny Toffelmire

    Town of Okotoks

    Jinny joined the Town of Okotoks in 2015 after completing a Master of Environment and Business degree with a focus on community based social marketing. Her role with the Town involves the development and coordination of a diverse and holistic community sustainability education program, which includes the Conservation Education program, the Environmental Education Centre, events such as the Repair Café and Green Living Workshops, and the Water Conservation Rebate programs. She also oversees the formation and implementation of public and corporate environmental sustainability policy and guidelines, including the Environmental Master Plan and Climate Action Plan. Jinny loves camping with her family, getting out on any waterbody with any kind of floatation device, and slowly replacing her grass with plants and trees.

  • Jodi Benson

    Anne Mulaire Designs

    Jodi has been with Anne Mulaire since 2020 and holds the position of CVO/Head of Sustainability. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work and a degree in Environmental Science. She has over 22 years of experience working with hospice and end-of-life care. Through her experience, she brings a unique set of skills, experience, and insights to developing truly circular systems that are good for the planet and good for people. Her extensive background in research and development has positioned her well at Anne Mulaire where she leads the infrastructure for circular manufacturing and textile development. Mrs. Benson also leads a multi-disciplinary research project on the degradation of Anne Mulaire textiles at the University of Manitoba. She is a true advocate of the environment and enjoys mountaineering and ice climbing when she is not developing circular systems.

  • Jodi Scarlett


    Jodi Scarlett, CEO of EcoClaim, has an impressive background including a B.Comm and MBA from the University of Calgary. She is renowned for her insight into business leadership, insurance, and the restoration industry in Canada. During her two-decade-long ownership and operation of a restoration contracting business, Scarlett earned widespread recognition. Her accolades include being named one of the W100 Top Female Entrepreneurs in Canada by Profit, Canadian Business, and Chatelaine magazine for three consecutive years, Alberta Venture’s Fast Growth 50, and Chase Morgan’s Women 2 Watch in 2021. Passionate about sustainability and team-building, Scarlett is poised to lead EcoClaim into a bright future.

  • Jule Asterisk

    Regional Environmental Action Committee

    Jule was born in England, as her parents felt their children should have European citizenship in case we settlers give North America back to Indigenous peoples. Growing up on several continents has led Jule to ask the question “Where are we going?”  One of life’s defining moments, at age eight, was when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire in 1969, making her question whether the ‘grown ups’ know what they are doing, and sparking Jule’s lifelong regard and concern for our environment.

    Jule moved to Slave Lake in 2001 to initiate the new regional landfill with certifications as Landfill Manager and Compost Facility Manager. She also initiated new recycling programs including tires, electronics, paint, fluorescent bulbs, and batteries, in addition to our residential recycling program, and yard waste compost program. Other programs and services she has brought to Slave Lake:

    • Pure Nature Crew – cleaning up illegal dumping in the bush (over 100 tonnes removed in 4 different actions)
    • Auntie Litter Brigades (Northern Lakes College research group on litter)
    • The Literacy and Learning Site (for Slave Lake Adult Education)
    • Alberta Culture Days (for the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre)
    • Solar installations funded by oil and pipeline companies at the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre and Hilda Bin Eben Skateboard Park with REAC
    • ‘My Life as a Tire’ (2005) and ‘My Life as a Plastic Bottle (2003) locally filmed educational video productions promoting recycling (REAC)
    • The Community Friendship Temporary Mat Program (Jule initiated and ran the Mat Program for the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre in 2013/14, then again for the Slave Lake Homeless Coalition in 2021/22)
    • The Plastics Remanufacture Project began in 2020, including research on potential emissions from small scale recycling equipment, and community outreach to rural, remote and Indigenous communities wanting to take ownership of their ‘waste’.

  • Karen Flamand

    Cooperators Group Limited

    Karen Flamand has been with the Co-operators Group Limited since 2003 and has held various positions within the claims organization. Currently, she is the Associate Vice President for Claims Shared Services and the Initiative Lead for the Resiliency & Sustainability Program across the enterprise. In her career with Co-operators, she has led the claims response to large disasters such as the 2011 Slave Lake Wildfire, 2013 Southern Alberta Flood, and 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire. She graduated in September 2021 with a Masters in Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions, and found a passion for the circular economy and democratic governance, which she brought back to her work. As the Initiative Lead for the Resiliency and Sustainability Program, she is leading a project to embed the circular economy within Co-operators products and services.

  • Karen Wirsig

    Environmental Defence Canada

    Karen Wirsig is senior program manager for plastics at Environmental Defence Canada. She worked as a community and labour organizer and as a journalist before becoming a campaigner against plastic pollution. She’s an active transportation enthusiast and a long-time active member of her downtown Toronto housing co-operative.

  • Kate Nelson

    Indigenous Services Canada

    Kate is from Mi’kma’ki the ancestral and unceded territory of the L’nu. After living and travelling across Canada, Kate made her way back to the East Coast to raise her children and get free child care from her mom and sister. She has also accumulated a saucy Puggle, a chatty Husky and a hateful cat. She has lots of schooling that no one cares about except her mom and formerly, Canada Student Loan. Kate has over 15 years’ experience in Government (Tribal & Colonial), Non-profit, Project Management, Communications, Rural and Community Economic Development and Rural Leadership.

    Kate has been on a mission for about eight years to convert as many people into waste management nerds as possible and to create an equitable environment for Indigenous Communities to access waste facilities and diversion programs. It’s a good thing that she is the Team Lead for the First Nation Solid Waste Management Initiative with Indigenous Services Canada because it’s nice when obsessions work out to be pensionable.

    She gets to do work that she loves, with folks she cares about, in places that mean the most to her. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Lori Koebel


    As Alberta Beverage Container Management Corporation’s (ABCRC’s) Director of Sustainability & Communications, Lori works closely with key internal and external stakeholders in planning and implementing sustainable improvement strategies for ABCRC, and for beverage container stewardship in Alberta. Lori and her team continually seek to find new ways to foster engagement in recycling to help the industry increase its collection rate and ABCRC to improve its efforts in focusing on sustainability.

    Lori has brought her expertise into other stewardship focused organizations including serving as Vice President of the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) in 2019/2020 and currently serves as Chair of the Canada Plastic Pact plastics narratives working group, working to define and activate a public narrative that drives and illustrates circular solutions for plastics packaging in Canada.

    Lori holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from McMaster University in English and a Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership (MSL) from Arizona State University (ASU).

    In her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her family in the beautiful Alberta Rockies, participating in a variety of summer and winter outdoor sports.

  • Marcos Alejandro Badra

    City of Richmond

    With extensive experience spanning over two decades in circular economy, sustainability, and environmental management, Marcos has led numerous initiatives across diverse sectors from chemistry to energy in Latin America, Europe, and Canada. Holding significant expertise in life cycle assessment, ESG, project management, design thinking, and systems thinking, Marcos has driven cross-cultural dialogue and stakeholder engagement towards sustainability and human development. As a lean six sigma expert, Marcos has implemented EHS programs in manufacturing industries and local governments. Currently serving as the Program Manager, Circular Economy at the City of Richmond, Marcos continually strives to promote innovative circular economy practices.

  • Mario Perron

    Binome Innovations (Entropic.app)

    Chief Technology Officer – CTO
    Mario Perron is a digital “serial entrepreneur” since 2005. To date, he has co-founded, financed and run : Manyeta Informatics, Semiosis Interactive, KrowdX, Entropic and Virtuose Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience in information technology. His career includes senior leadership and project management, process and system architecture, international research and development and marketing. Mr. Perron more specifically masters the following technologies: Self-Sovereign Identity, Continuous Authentication using Behavioural Biometrics, Blockchain, Generative AI, IoT, Technology Consulting, Executive Management. He has published numerous scientific articles and is the author of several patents.

  • Melissa Gorrie


    Melissa is a fourth-generation settler of European descent trained in the settler common legal system. She began her career with Ecojustice – a national non-profit environmental law organization – in 2010. Her legal work has included seeking protections for woodland caribou from oil sands development and successfully advocating for the federal government to secure emergency protection for endangered sage-grouse populations. She currently oversees Ecojustice’s law reform efforts to advocate for transformative shifts in law to support a just, sustainable, and decolonized future. Her efforts have included advocating for federal climate accountability and just transition/sustainable jobs legislation. Most recently she is advocating for a federal circular economy legislative framework.

    Melissa has volunteered with numerous environmental and social justice organizations over the years, including co-founding Waste Free Edmonton, which successfully advocated for a single-use bylaw that came into effect earlier this year.

    She also recently completed her Master of Laws degree. Her research focused on exploring the ways the settler environmental law community can be accountable to address settler colonialism while also supporting Indigenous sovereignty and the revitalization of Indigenous laws on Indigenous lands.

  • Michael Hancharyk

    City of Leduc

    Michael is a prairie born graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. He’s worked with municipalities across the prairies to improve waste diversion and truly believes that sustainable education is the key to living a holistic lifestyle. Currently, as the Environment Manager with City of Leduc, he is working on modernizing the City’s Environmental Plan, reducing organics’ contamination using AI cameras, and adding recycling and organics waste streams to all multi-family properties in Leduc.

  • Mortimer Capriles

    Goodwill Industries of Alberta

    Mortimer Capriles is the Director of Sustainability and Innovation at Goodwill Industries of Alberta since January 2018. His responsibility includes leadership of all sustainability projects, including sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement.

    Capriles is also responsible for the Goodwill Impact Centres in Edmonton and Calgary. The Goodwill Impact Centre is an amazing concept where millions and millions of items are diverted from local landfills every year while providing training and employment opportunities to persons with disabilities in Alberta.

    In his previous role as the Regional Director of Sustainability at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, his responsibilities included leadership of the sustainability program for the four resort properties that form Fairmont’s Canadian Western Mountain Region.

    Capriles holds an Executive MBA, a Bachelor’s degree in Geography, and several postgraduate certificates related to sustainability, the circular economy, environmental planning and leadership. He also holds the Environmental Professional Certification awarded by Eco Canada and the Global Sustainability Practitioner certification (CSR-P).

    Capriles is fully committed to diverting as much as possible from the landfill and increasing community awareness about the positive environmental impact of reusing and shopping second-hand. As a result, he volunteers at the Emerald Foundation since 2018 to support the non-profit efforts to showcase the most relevant environmental achievements in Alberta, setting an example for all to follow.

  • Omid McDonald

    Dairy Distillery

    Dairy Distillery founder Omid McDonald is an eclectic serial entrepreneur whose past startups range from medical devices to software for DJs. An engineer and prolific coder, Omid has several patents and academic articles to his credit. Omid saw an opportunity to pursue his dream of starting a distillery when he learned of the problem of excess milk sugar plaguing the dairy industry.  Omid is applying his engineering and entrepreneurial skills to help dairy farmers and the environment by developing high value applications for excess lactose.

  • Pete Fry

    City of Vancouver / National Zero Waste Council

    Pete Fry is a Vancouver City Councillor, elected in 2018 with the Green Party. Since immigrating to Canada as a child, he has lived in Vancouver where he has run several successful small businesses, and worked and volunteered in community development with some of the City’s most vulnerable populations.

    With a keen interest in circular systems and creating a lighter footprint, Pete’s first foray into local governance was Vancouver’s long-defunct Dog Strategy Task force in 2006 where he unsuccessfully tried to promote more responsible disposal of pet waste. Today, he chairs the Health and Social Development Committee at the Union of BC Municipalities, and the nascent Reuse working group at the National Zero Waste Council, where he also serves as a director. He also chairs Vancouver’s Auditor General Committee and sits on a number of advisory committees representing renters, arts and culture, ethno-cultural identified people, and Vancouver’s City Planning Commission.

    Pete lives in Vancouver’s East End with his wife of twenty five years, a dog and two cats and is still trying to promote more responsible disposal of pet waste.

  • Peter Duck

    Bow Valley Waste Management Commission

    Peter holds a Master Degree in Environmental Studies with a background that ranges from hydrometeorology to wildlife ecology and environmental impact assessment. He began his career working for the Canadian Parks Agency’s interpretive program in Banff and Jasper National Parks planning and producing a variety heritage interpretation exhibits. Mr. Duck has also worked independently as an interpretive naturalist and instructor for many years.

    Past activities have included serving as a wildlife technician for ecological land classifications including caribou and grizzly bear habitat evaluations. Peter is active as an advocate for environmental sustainability and has served on a number of local and national environmental advisory committees.

    He is currently president of a local naturalist society and works for the Bow Valley Waste Management Commission serving as Regional Coordinator. From his office at the Francis Cooke Resource Recovery Centre, his work looks up the waste stream to municipalities, NGO’s and businesses to help ensure the circular economy becomes a reality. Peter believes that responsible waste management lies at the crossroads of economic and environmental sustainability and will stimulate the economic efficiencies and environmental stewardship essential to supporting healthy communities and ecosystems.

  • Rafiq Ahmad, Ph.D.

    University of Alberta / Eco Additiva

    Dr. Rafiq Ahmad is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. He is the founder and director of the “Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Laboratory (SMART Lab)”, which focuses on systems design and engineering. Dr. Ahmad is also the founder and director of “Aquaponics 4.0 Learning Factory (AllFactory),” a unique learning factory researching system design and development for plants and fish production in an indoor, vertical, symbiotic ecosystem soil-less environment.

    Dr. Ahmad is an expert in smart manufacturing and remanufacturing technologies, systems design and engineering, methods-&-algorithms based on artificial intelligence and computer-vision, automation/ robotics, sensor-based data and knowledge modeling. Dr. Ahmad is a leading expert in sustainable and smart manufacturing systems/technologies to enable innovations in industries through digitization (Industry 4.0), smart additive manufacturing, and clean and green technologies (Industry 5.0).

    Dr. Ahmad is the recipient of the prestigious Edmonton’s 2022 Top 40 under 40 Award by Edify Magazine for his serial innovation and streamlined technology development to impact our society. He is also the director and founder of the Canadian not-for-profit ProBEEs Digital Education Society. Dr. Ahmad is also one of the founders of Eco Additiva, a new spin-off company for recycling of plastics with novel additive manufacturing technology.

  • Rebecca Schulz

    Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

    Rebecca Schulz was first elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Shaw on April 16, 2019 and was re-elected on May 29, 2023. She was sworn in as Minister of Environment and Protected Areas on June 9, 2023, previously serving as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Children’s Services.

    A communications professional with a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, Minister Schulz previously worked for the Government of Saskatchewan, as well as the University of Calgary. Minister Schulz is eager to advocate for the types of common-sense policies that will grow Alberta’s economy, protect our beautiful landscapes, and encourage investment and innovation in Alberta.

    As a wife and proud mother of 2 young children, Minister Schulz has seen first-hand the challenges that Alberta’s families have faced during the last few years and uses her experiences to connect with and advocate for Albertans on the issues that matter to them.

  • Ross Huartt

    MBC Group / EcoClaim

    Ross Huartt is the Chair of EcoClaim and the President and Chief Executive Officer of MBC Group. He is an experienced and dynamic leader, leveraging his nearly 20 years of experience and driven by a desire to innovate to disrupt traditional engineering processes. His strategic vision and leadership has grown MBC Group from a single offering appraisal firm to a multi-disciplinary services powerhouse. Ross is an active member of the YPO, the Business Council of Alberta, frequently collaborating with public & private partners. He has been a featured speaker at events worldwide and has received numerous awards and accolades.

  • Sarah Edwards

    Eunomia Research & Consulting Inc.

    Sarah Edwards is the North America CEO of Eunomia Research & Consulting an international sustainability consultancy that provide clients with solutions that support a circular economy, protect the natural environment and reduce climate change and pollution. Sarah has over 25 years supporting the public, private and NGO sectors design and implement circular economy policy, strategies and systems. Her experience includes designing, implementing, and managing recycling collections services for municipalities, project managing the development of recycling and organics treatment infrastructure, and most recently supporting the public and private sector make informed, data driven decisions on circular economy policy including Extended Producer Responsibility, advanced recycling, labelling, recycled content and environmental taxes.

    Sarah has worked in Europe, the US and Africa so has a truly global understanding of circular economy, programs, systems, and policy. Since setting up Eunomia’s North America business in 2018 her team have carried out a range of projects for the public and private sector including cost benefit analysis for packaging Extended Producer Responsibility, beverage deposit return system modernization cost benefit assessments, feedstock assessments, policy design and analysis and packaging road maps.

  • Sébastien Harvey

    Binome Innovations (Entropic.app)

    Chief Executive Officer – CEO
    Sébastien Harvey is an experienced technology innovator with a focus on creating cutting-edge digital solutions. He has co-founded Entropic (www.entropic.app), where he applies his expertise in artificial intelligence, data analysis, and system design to improve traceability in recycling plants. As the Director of Development at Semiosis Interactive., he led numerous projects utilizing cloud computing and the Internet of Things. With a background in governance, financial management and systems thinking, Harvey has helped foster tech innovation across various sectors – from life sciences to entertainment. Always committed to sustainability, he is dedicated to connecting users, their environment and technology in complex yet accessible digital ecosystems.

  • Steve Nitschke

    Cooperators Group Limited

    Steve Nitschke has worked with the Co-operators since 2002, primarily working in the property claims operations.  He is currently a senior manager and a lead within the Resiliency & Sustainability program.  The program is focused on integrating sustainability, resiliency, and circular economy into our core business, embedding the principles into our products and services.  Within the program, Steve is responsible for the identification of emerging sustainable restoration practices, adoption of sustainable restoration practices and creating opportunities to divert waste within the claims process.  Steve is a graduate from Mount Royal in Calgary, and completed his FCIP in 2022, receiving both national and provincial awards.

  • Tracey Spack

    Environment and Climate Change Canada

    Dr. Tracey Spack has worked in the field of environment and health for the last 18 years, currently as the Director of the Plastics Regulatory Affairs Division where she is responsible for developing and implementing regulations to control and manage plastic waste and pollution, including the Single Use Plastic Prohibition Regulations published on June 22, 2022. She holds a doctorate in Medical Anthropology from the University of Alberta and has a Master’s Certificate in Public Management from the Sprott School of Business, Ottawa and in the Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies from the Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge.

  • Vicente Frias

    Town of Banff

    Vicente Frias has over 15 years of experience working in the industry, managing recycling operations, and coordinating community initiatives. His experience includes serving as a former manager for the Banff Bottle Depot and currently working with Resource Recovery at the Town of Banff.

    He has also contributed to various projects, such as the “Municipal Recycling Pilot Program” on Margarita Island, Venezuela, where an environmental plan was developed and implemented with an emphasis on reducing residents’ carbon footprint and promoting recycling. He coordinated the “Ecological Islands” initiative, which aimed to encourage and promote a culture of recycling in the community, striving to turn sustainable solutions into a reality.

    As an environmentalist, data wizard, and advocate for waste reduction and circularity, he is passionate about driving positive change by harnessing the power of data-driven solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a major in Statistics and a minor in Technology, Society, and Environmental Studies. He is currently pursuing a Data Science certificate and an Artificial Intelligence certificate from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto.

  • Vittoria Bellissimo

    Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA)

    Vittoria Bellissimo is the President and CEO of CanREA, the voice of Canada’s wind energy, solar energy and energy storage industry. She was previously the Executive Director of the Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta, and worked in renewable energy procurement at both the Ontario Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority (now the IESO). Vittoria serves on the Board of Emissions Reduction Alberta and is a founding Board member of Women+Power. She holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh and is a licensed professional engineer (B.Sc. Queen’s University). Vittoria is based in Calgary.